Cart-Load Of Food Looted In Seconds!

24 May, 2020 12:43 IST|Sakshi

NEW DELHI: The pandemic crisis nationwide has left thousands of people unemployed, homeless and hungry. On Friday, migrants were seen looting food and water from push-cart with cartoons at Old Delhi railway station.

This is clearly painting a raw picture of what desperation can look like when you are hungry with empty pocket.

Reportedly, the cart, with four cartons of food and water bottles was stopped at the platform by a couple of men and within minutes a crowd flocked to it and grabbed what all they could.

The migrant workers carried as much as they could and fled from the spot immediately. There was mini-scuffle as many were seen snatching packets of food and bottles from one another, reports said.

According to media reports, there were no Railway policemen around to intervene when the incident occured.

Mass looting has become a common sight in many states as migrant workers are crossing all boundaries of civility in their desperation to satiate their hunger during the crippling times of coronavirus restrictions. With no livelihood in the midst of the lockdown, feeding their families has been the biggest challenge they are facing. 

From eating dead animals to collecting milk spilled on roads, the videos and photos surfacing online and depicting their hardships are just heart wrenching!

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