India's COVID Vaccine Exports Outnumber Doses Used Back Home

17 Mar, 2021 12:45 IST|Sakshi Post

India is currently moving well with their COVID Vaccination plan and is in stage 2, also the vaccine used is the one manufactured in the country. But India is exporting a lot of it to foreign countries. More than twice the amount that is used in India is exported outside.

Up until now, our country exported over 5.84 crore to different foreign states. Around 70 countries received vaccines from India. The vaccine program in India started in January and since then it has vaccinated many in their first phase but has also helped other countries.

But the question here is that the inoculation drive would have been going faster if so many doses didn’t go out.  Junior health and family minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey replied that because of all this, millions of people who could have been vaccinated sooner will not happen. The rate of the inoculation process will be affected. On March 15, the number of people vaccinated was the highest with three million, but can it go further.

The major concern is that currently there are many Indian states that are facing adverse conditions. The situation is getting worse with states like Maharashtra having an increase in the number of daily COVID19 cases. With the situation becoming worse, will it not be better if the vaccination plan is changed in some states. Suggestions were made that in states like Maharashtra, citizens outside the Phase 2 specification should also be vaccinated.

As of now, India is focusing on vaccinating elderly people. Those above the age of 75 are getting the shots. But instead of just focusing on that, few states can take a different route and start vaccinating more people even when they are not of age 75 and above.

Even Health experts have argues that it will be better if the process speeds up. Experts have requested the government to start vaccinating youngsters and people of other age groups as well. For this, they can also involve private sectors and ensure that the vaccine reaches remote areas. 

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