Orange Alert After Bengaluru Rains Turn Streets Into Pools

18 May, 2022 09:07 IST|L Manisha

It seems the monsoons have arrived early in Bengaluru, much to the relief of residents who were complaining of summer heat. Most parts of Bengaluru recorded heavy rainfall on Tuesday night. The roads and streets in Bengaluru were flooded, and there was a traffic jam for hours. The BBMP control room received complaints of flooding from 15 areas, including Indiranagar, Mahadevapura, Hosakerehalli, Jeevanbima Nagar and Mahadevapura. Three zones in the BBMP received about 10cm of rainfall in just half an hour around 10 pm at night. The rainfall recorded in the East was (10.05 cm), the South (11.3 cm), and the West (10 cm). Bengaluru citizens posted updates on Twitter that rainfall had crossed 10 cm in some areas of the city.

The weather authorities have sounded an orange alert for Bengaluru and stated that several parts of Bengaluru will witness moderate to heavy rainfall for the next few days. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast a generally cloudy sky with moderate rain or thundershowers for the next five days. 

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