New Goat Pox Vaccine Launched In India, Check Deets

20 Dec, 2021 16:24 IST|Sakshi Post

Bengaluru: On Sunday, a vaccination to treat goat pox illness was released in India, which has a large goat population and is important to rural livestock growers.

‘Raksha Goat Pox’, of leading Indian Immunologicals Ltd. (IIL) is a live attenuated vaccine I.P. (Uttarkashi strain) grown on Vero cell culture.

The first vaccination should be given at 3 months of age, followed by a re-vaccination once a year. The vaccine's technology and testing came from the Indian Council of Agriculture Research-Indian Veterinary Research Institute (ICAR-IVRI), which has now evaluated and validated the vaccine for commercial sale.

Under a tech transfer agreement with the IVRI, the IIL has already launched numerous other vaccines, such as the classical swine fever vaccine, the PPR vaccine, and others.

"Indian Immunologicals is committed to introducing such products for the national interest," IIL Managing Director Dr K. Anand Kumar stated at the event, "and will abundantly help marginal livestock growers with their livelihood and protect their flock from various diseases."

Dr Priyabrata Pattnaik, Deputy Managing Director, and Sobhan Babu, Vice President, Animal Health Trade, were also present.

This illness is widespread in various countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, and India has over 150 million goats. Goat pox is highly infectious and spreads by aerosol, touch, and vectors such as flies. The sickness affects goats of all ages, breeds, and sexes, although it is most severe in young, elderly, and nursing animals, and it often results in death.

According to the research, the incidence percentage varies by agroclimatic zones and can reach up to 48% in some areas. Goat pox may cause morbidity of up to 100% and death of up to 85%, resulting in massive losses for small animal producers and livestock growers.

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