New Dress Code For CBI Officers: Only Formal Wear, No Casuals

4 Jun, 2021 16:40 IST|Sakshi Post

CBI director, Subodh Kumar Jaiswal, stated that all officers and staffers of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) must be dressed formally at the office and that casual wear such as jeans and sports shoes will not be accepted.

The dress code for men includes shirts, formal pants, and formal shoes, and they will be required to come to work clean shaved, according to an order.

The CBI's female staff are only allowed to wear sarees, suits, formal shirts, and pants. The order stated that “no jeans, T-shirts, sports shoes, chappals, or casual clothes are allowed in the office.”

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The restrictions will apply to all CBI offices across the country, and branch heads have been instructed to ensure that the standards are rigorously observed.

CBI officers who spoke on the condition of anonymity told an English daily that the directive is balanced and that every officer and staffer must always wear formals. “However, over time, people began to wear casual clothing... such as jeans and T-shirts, and no one objected. At the very least, CBI officers should dress in a formal collared shirt, trousers, and shoes,” stated one official.

Last week, Jaiswal was named the 33rd director of CBI and he is expected to make significant administrative changes to boost the CBI's efficiency.

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