National Press Day: What PM Modi, President Kovind And The Vice Prez Said

16 Nov, 2020 16:07 IST|Sakshi Post
National Press Day 2020

National Press Day is celebrated every year on November 16 to commemorate the establishment of the Press Council of India

NEW DELHI: National Press Day is observed across India on November 16th. National Press Day is celebrated every year on this particular day to commemorate the establishment of the Press Council of India, which was formed in 1966. 

The Indian Constitution also envisages the right to freedom of speech and expression though the freedom of the press is not specifically mentioned in article 19(1) (a) of the Constitution. The National Press Day is being celebrated on Monday this year 2020.

Speaking on this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, the media has been doing exceptional service by spreading awareness against COVID-19 and has acted as a valuable stakeholder in helping the government in its initiatives.  Be it positive criticism or highlighting success stories, the media has been continuously adding strength to India's democratic ethos.

From creating mass awareness about important issues to contributing to a behavioural change in society for the larger good, we have seen how the media as a valued stakeholder has furthered the efforts of the government and helped many initiatives like Swachh Bharat and water conservation grow into mass movements in the last few years," he said.

Media persons have been among frontline corona warriors who played an important role in educating people and mitigating the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, President Ram Nath Kovind said  in his message on National Press Day. "Rendering its service for nearly 55 years, PCI has been the watchdog safeguarding the independence of the press while trying to ensure quality journalism. Its role is important in the working of our democracy," Kovind said.

The President said the theme of this year's National Press Day celebration deals with the most serious crisis facing the world and India. In dealing with the issues concerning COVID 19, media has played a very important role in educating people and thereby it has helped in mitigating the impact of the pandemic. "Media persons have been among the frontline corona warriors. Through PCI, I convey my appreciation to such media persons," Kovind said.

"A robust, free and vibrant media is as important as an independent judiciary in consolidating democracy and strengthening constitutional rule of law," the Vice President  M VenkaiahNaidu opined. "Sensationalism should be avoided and the tendency to mix news with views needs to be curbed. Also, there should be greater space for development news in our reporting," he said. "Democracy cannot survive without a free and fearless press. Therefore, any attack on the freedom of the press is detrimental to national interests and should be opposed by one and all," he said. The vice president also praised print and electronic media journalists for turning into frontline warriors in the wake of COVID-19 and ensuring non-stop coverage of all the happenings, unmindful of the grave risks associated with the pandemic.

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