Narrow Escape For Shirdi Pilgrims As Bus Catches Fire Near Thane

6 Jan, 2021 09:13 IST|Sakshi Post

A private bus carrying 21 passengers caught fire near Thane on Tuesday evening. The passengers were returning after visiting Shirdi in the bus. Suddenly, the bus caught fire and the alert driver noticed the fire and asked everyone to get down the bus.

Fire brigade and local police authorities were informed and reached the spot and helped passengers deboard the bus while fire brigade personnel put out the fire. Police said, "No passengers were injured in the incident and everyone is rescued." A case has been filed and police are investigating on how the incident happened.

According to the reports, the private luxury bus, on way to suburban Borivili, went up in flames on the highway near Jupiter Hospital in the city.
Santosh Kadam, chief of the Thane Municipal Corporation's Regional Disaster Management Cell (RDMC) said that all the passengers have been evacuated safely from the gutted bus. RMDC Personnel, firemen, traffic police reached the spot on receiving the information and put out the flames.

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