Mysuru Man Cycles 300 Kms To Get Medicine For Child With Special Needs

1 Jun, 2021 13:29 IST|Sakshi Post

The current situation has caused a lot of problems for many. People in an emergency also cannot find proper means to travel. Every day we are hearing cases where a person had to go an extra mile and face a lot of troubles to fulfil even the basic needs of his/her family.

One such incident was heard from Ganiganakoppal village near Bannur in T Narasipur taluk. A father cycled continuously for at least 3 days to cover a distance of 300 kilometres. He cycled from his native village to Bengaluru covering a distance of 300 kilometres to get medicines for his son.

Ravi (name changed), works at a construction site. To help his 10-year-old son with special needs get the medicine on time, the father cycled for three long days. The boy has been suffering from health issues since childhood and is on constant medication.

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Doctors from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru are handling his case. Ravi goes to NIMHANS every two months to get the required medicines. But due to the lockdown, his journey became difficult.

As his regular visit to the hospital was hindered by the lockdown, Ravi decided to complete the ride on a bicycle. He feared that his son would suffer an epileptic attack as the doctors said. The boy is to be given the medicines on time and this process will go on till he turns 18. If a break comes in between, it might not be good for the boy.

So Ravi started on May 23 and came back after three days on May 26, with the medicines. Upon reaching the hospital, Ravi was given some money along with the medicine, so that his return journey at least is trouble-free. He was able to travel back to his son on time.

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