Mumbai Woman Found Living With Her Mother's Corpse For Eight Months

23 Nov, 2020 14:43 IST|Sakshi Post

A 47-year-old mentally ill woman was found living with the corpse of her mother. According to the reports, the 83-year-old woman died in March this year and her daughter had been living with the skeletal remains of her mother. The incident took place in Chuim village, Khar. Mumbai Police recovered the corpse on Saturday. 

The incident came to light after neighbours of the woman complained against the daughter as she was throwing garbage out of the window.  Police who reached the woman's home found the skeletal remains of 83-year-old woman in a cottage in Chuim village.

According to TOI, Gajanand Kabdule, senior inspector of Khar police station stated that, “Following complaints from local residents, we sent a police officer to investigate the matter. When the officer rang the doorbell, there was no response but he heard some sounds emanating from the palatial house.  The officer then found the door was ajar and the house was in a mess." A senior police officer said that the daughter of the woman was sent for a medical examination to know about her health condition.

A few days ago, a woman sat next to the dead body of her son for three days before informing anyone about his death. The incident took place in Thirunindravur near Avadi area in Chennai.

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