Most Omicron Patients in India Fully Vaccinated With Booster Shots

27 Dec, 2021 12:13 IST|Sakshi Post

There have not been any major issues with patients of Omicron variant positive. But the transmission itself is causing concern. According to a government analysis, 91 percent of patients infected with the Omicron strain of COVID-19 received both vaccine doses, with three receiving booster doses, while only 7% were unvaccinated.

The findings of research done on 183 of the 358 cases of the Omicron variant recorded in India so far were released on Friday by Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan. According to the findings, the majority of Omicron cases in India were found among persons who had recently returned from abroad, with only a few instances observed among the unvaccinated.

According to Bhushan, 87 of the 183 Omicron cases studied were fully vaccinated, two were partially vaccinated, seven were unvaccinated, and 16 were not in the eligibility criteria of India's vaccine program for now.

The data further added that around 30 percent of the Omicron cases, were those with symptoms and 70 percent were asymptomatic.

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