Maharashtra: Pediatricians to Meet After 9K Ahmednagar Kids Reportedly Test COVID Positive

1 Jun, 2021 11:00 IST|Sakshi Post

MUMBAI: Earlier it was reported that over 8,000 children in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar have tested Covid19 positive. But now the latest report suggests that the number has increased to 9K now. This has put the state government and medical experts in a concerning state.

To plan on how to deal with the situation, the Uddhav Thackeray government asked the administration to come up with an appropriate strategy. The district administration will be meeting soon to discuss a plan of action.

After the review meeting is done, the administration will send their list of requirements to the government including any medical supplies, beds or any other essentials that are needed.

The concern here now is the third wave. It was predicted that the kids will become more vulnerable towards the end of the second wave and the beginning of the third wave. Now that the effects can already be seen in Maharashtra, the paediatricians are getting concerned for the kids and their health.

As we know that compared to last year, the percentage of kids testing positive has increased. If it was 11 per cent last year, this year it is between 20-40 per cent. This number will only increase in the coming time.

Initially, since there weren’t many cases, there was no special ward dedicated to kids and their treatment. But now, the Sangli city hospital has built a special Covid care ward for kids. They already have patients admitted to it.

Corporator Abhijit Bhosale shared that we must be ready in case the third wave strikes hard. It was built in case the number among kids increases. The ward was specially designed to give a lively and comforting feel to the children. It is not a typical Hospital ward but like a kids fun care centre.

One reason experts have given as to why the cases among children have increased is that adults in a particular family have either already contracted the virus and recovered from it or are getting vaccinated. As for the children, even the vaccine is not ready yet.

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