Kerala State Akshaya AK-496 Lottery Result Declared: Check Winning Ticket Number

29 Jun, 2021 18:38 IST|Sakshi Post

The first prize in the Kerala state lottery is 70 lakh rupees.

The Kerala government receives between 10,000 and 12,000 crores in annual income from ticket sales.

Last year, lottery sales were halted for three months due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Kerala's government relies heavily on lottery revenue

The winners of the Akshaya AK-496 lottery were declared by the Kerala state lottery department. At 3 p.m., the results were announced.

The first prize in the Akshaya AK-496 lottery is worth 70 lakh rupees, while the second and third prizes are each worth ten lakh rupees. Every Wednesday, the Kerala Lottery website publishes the lottery results.

The ticket AU-258505 was the winner of the first prize. The second prize was awarded to one ticket, while the third prize was awarded to 12 others.

The consolation award is worth 8,000 dollars.

The fourth reward in the Akshaya-496 lottery is 5,000 rupees, the fifth prize is 2,000 rupees, and the sixth prize is 1,000 rupees. The seventh and eighth awards are each worth ₹500 and ₹100.

Money from lottery sales is one of the state government's most important sources of revenue. Every day, a lottery is picked, and more than 2 lakh individuals work as lottery agents and dealers. Many people with disabilities and others make a career selling fortunate numbers.

The annual revenue from ticket sales is from 10,000 to 12,000 crore. Due to the Covid pandemic, Kerala's lottery sales were halted for three months last year.

Kerala's lottery department first opened its doors in 1967.

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