Karnataka's Usain Bolt From Kambala Srinivas Gowda Sets New Record

23 Mar, 2021 13:24 IST|Sakshi Post

MANGALURU: Srinivas Gowda, a Kambala racer was nicknamed the ‘Usain Bolt of Kambala’ and he once again proves why he is worthy of that title. After making an amazing record in the 125-metre race last year, Gowda has made yet another record.

In 2020, Gowda completed running the 125-metre buffalo racing track in 9.55 seconds and this year he completed 100 metres in just 8.96 seconds setting a new record. The organizers confirmed this news and congratulated him.

The race was organized in 'Soorya Chandra Jodukere' Kambala Venoor-Permuda in Belthangady taluk on Saturday. During the event, the organizers calculated Gowda’s speed for both 100 and 125 metres of the race. Gowda completed the 125 metre-long Kambala track race in 11.21 seconds. Also, the 100 metres was done in just 8.96 seconds. This means that the ‘Usain Bolt of Kambala’ was able to beat his own previous record.

Lasy year, Gowda was able to make another record, which he broke now. He covered the 100 metre-track in 9.55 seconds. Gowda keeps decreasing the time with each run.

He is the champion of the annual buffalo-human sprint. Kambala is an annual racing competition where people participate along with bulls. The player will have to run alongside buffaloes. Speed and distance will be calculated.

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