Karnataka MLAs To Take 30 Pc Cut In Their Salaries

23 Sep, 2020 13:43 IST|Sakshi Post

You have heard of the MLAs and MPs hiking their salaries even during the worst of economic crises. They do not get bothered and unduly worried by the people and their problems. Sometimes, the hike is shamelessly high.

But, Karnataka MLAs have done the unimaginable. They have actually cut down on their salaries. Yes. The MLAs of Karnataka have effected a 30 per cent cut in their salaries. This would save Rs 18 crore to the Karnataka exchequer. A bill introduced by the State Government has been adopted by the house.

Due to the Corona lockdown and the consequent financial crisis, the salaries of most government and private employees have been significantly cut down. Even the pensions too have been cut down to meet with the crisis. But, Janata Dal Secular MLA Ramaswami has opposed the move to reduce the salaries of MLAs and asked as why the Government has hiked the salaries of the judicial officers at the same time when it is cutting down on MLA’s salaries.

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