Karnataka CM Yediyurappa Unlocks Bengaluru: What's Allowed and What's Not?

5 Jul, 2021 11:52 IST|Sakshi Post

With the decrease in the Covid19 cases across Karnataka, the state government is slowly opening all the public places. Public transport, malls, metro services and other public facilities will be open starting from Monday, i.e. today.

Earlier on June 23, the Karnataka city's public transportation system reopened with the BMTC operating over 3,000 buses and the Namma Metro ferrying 24,602 passengers. The Namma Metro ran 160 trips, although several stations were devoid of passengers. According to an official, reaching the one-million mark will take more than a week.

According to the announcement by Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, Unlock 3.0 will have many of the public places opening again but certain restrictions will still be in place as the situation is not completely fine. Check out the new rules:

  • The weekdays night curfew time has been changed. Instead of 7 pm to 5 am, the timing has been relaxed by two hours. It will be 9 pm and 5 am. There will be no special weekend curfew.

  • Namma Metro and other metro services will run at full capacity.

  • The limit for the family gatherings for weddings or other important occasions has been increased from 40 to 100.

  • Speaking of public places; not all will be open. Theatres, pubs and schools will remain closed. Malls will be open from Monday.

“These measures will come into effect from Monday 6 am (5th July 2021) and will be in force including and up to 6 am of 19th July for strict implementation by Chief Commissioner BBMP, Police Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Superintendent of Police and other Heads of Departments of Authorities,” read the statement by the state government.  

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