Kannada Actor Turns Ambulance Driver in Fight Against COVID

1 May, 2021 13:37 IST|Sakshi Post

When the country is facing a crisis, many people are coming forward to offer help. They try to make things better in any way that they can. In this entertainment industry, we find all kinds of people. While some wanted to escape tension and travel to places where the risk is less, Some dived into the risk zone and are helping those in need.

One such person from the film industry won everyone’s hearts with his amazing gesture. Kannada actor Arjun Gowda decided to go all out. While the cases in India and especially in Karnataka are increasing, this actor decided to step out of his house, but only to help people. Currently, Gowda is working as an ambulance driver in Bengaluru.

As we know, Karnataka is reporting a high number of cases with the capital city being the worst hit. Bengaluru is facing a lot of problems now. With the increase in Covid19 cases, hospitals are struggling to admit all affected patients. There is a shortage of beds, oxygen cylinders and everyone is working round the clock to take care of the Covid affected patients.

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During a time like this, the actor has stepped out to help in whatever way he can. Gowda shared that he has taken all the necessary precautions and training. “It’s my commitment and my honour to serve and work for the people of Karnataka,” he added in an Instagram post.

This Kannada actor has already helped a lot of people, whether it is by riding the patient to a hospital or by helping the family perform last rites. Help should be provided to everyone, irrespective of their culture or religion.

“Am overwhelmed for your wishes, this means a lot to me,” he added in the IG post. 

In another heart-warming news, it was said that the Karnataka Ministers will donate their one-year salary to the Covid19 relief work. Revenue Minister R Ashoka said in Bengaluru, "We, the ministers in Karnataka, have decided to donate one year's salary for COVID relief work."

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