IPCC Report: Vizag, Chennai, Mangalore, Kochi Among Indian Cities To Go Underwater

12 Aug, 2021 16:06 IST|Sakshi Post

Climate change has become a real issue and we all have had its effects in the past few years. But experts have suggested that this is just the beginning. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently shared a report in which they spoke on the effects of climate change and how the world will face its repercussion. NASA then took the report and analyzed it. They shared a list of the places that could go underwater by 2100. Some of the major Indian cities were also included.

The list had Mumbai and other famous Indian cities in it. These places could go underwater by the end of 2100. According to the report, three-fourth of Mumbai city could be submerged in water by then. The city that is located near the Arabian Sea makes a fine destination for travelers to visit, but it might not be there anymore by the end of the century.

Another Indian city on the list is Cochin. This city in Kerala is a beautiful spot for tourists and is also one of the highlights of the state. But the melting of Himalayan glaciers and rise in sea levels can make it difficult for the city to survive by 2100.

Gujarat’s Bhavnagar is also in danger. By the end of 2100, it could be 2.70 feet underwater. Vishakhapatnam is another coastal city on this list. The Vizag beaches have now become one of the favourite spots to visit. People go there looking for some peace and joy. If you are looking for some quiet and peace then Mangalore is also good. According to NASA’s prediction, this city could be 1.87 feet underwater owing to climate change.

The final Indian city that is in danger of going underwater is Chennai. It is expected that it will be 1.87 feet underwater by 2100. The world is suffering due to climate change and other factors, we will see its major adverse effects in the coming years. 

Indian Cities that could go Underwater by 2100

  1. Mumbai

  2. Cochin

  3. Bhavnagar

  4. Vizag

  5. Mangalore

  6. Chennai

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