Indians Are Not Following Covid Guidelines Properly, Third Wave Could Hit in 8 Weeks: AIIMS chief

19 Jun, 2021 16:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Concern over the third wave is looming in the country and people are worried that this one might hit harder than the previous one. The start of the wave cannot be avoided, said many medical experts. What they are now trying to predict is when it will start. While many are saying that it will be in the month of late August-September, some believe that it will not come before next year.

There are varied opinions when being shared when talking about the third wave of Covid19. According to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Director Dr Randeep Guleria, the third wave could start sooner than we think.

People have once again started flouting the Covid norms and regulations. The public places were asked to have only 50 per cent occupancy and even people were urged not to travel a lot. But many are not following these rules. Many states have started lifting the lockdown seeing the fall in cases but that might have made the citizens, lenient. Now, most states are working only with the night curfew. Even the public places received a nod to operate. The problem is that people have once again become complacent.

Guleria shared that with all that is happening in the country, the third wave could begin in the next six to eight weeks. The first and second waves were really difficult to handle but the most brutal was the second wave. During this time, India reported more than 2-3 lakh daily cases. At one point it even peaked with 4 lakh single day cases. This was too much to handle and the country was left in crisis. The numbers must have gone down now, but things still didn’t go back to normal. Now the hospitals are left with a high number of active cases, there is still a shortage in oxygen and medical supply.

If people now do not behave appropriately, the third wave will see a start real soon. The crowd is building up, public gatherings have increased and people are now not even following the basic guidelines. If we go back to appropriate behaviour, the third wave could be delayed further. We need the delay to be prepared for it.

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