‘Where Is Plan B’, Rahul Asks Modi Over COVID-19

26 May, 2020 16:23 IST|Sakshi Post

NEW DELHI: As cases continue to spike in India, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slammed Modi government's strategy of handling the coronavirus spread and crisis in the country. Rahul Gandhi has said the nationwide lockdown imposed in India has failed as the surging coronavirus cases indicate no dip.

In a live press conference through Twitter on Tuesday, the leader said, “The lockdown in India has failed. Four stages of lockdown have not given the result that the Prime Minister expected."

Slamming the Modi government for relaxation of lockdown across many sectors, Rahul said that India is the only country in the world which is removing lockdown when the virus is exponentially rising.

“PM and his entire advisory staff claimed coronavirus cases will come down but this has not happened,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Questioning PM Modi about the Plan B as the Plan A of lockdown failed, Rahul said, “Now that the lockdown has failed, we need to know the government’s strategy on the next step. The Centre must divulge its Plan B."

“I want to ask PM Modi what is the strategy of the government for curbing the disease,” Rahul Gandhi asked.

He further added that the states which are being run by the Congress party are not getting the central government's support.

He added, “Now, it's becoming difficult to run the government without support. Congress governments are supporting farmers, migrants, we are giving cash but our states are not getting support from the Centre.”

Meanwhile, India on Monday recorded over 6,000 coronavirus cases, one of the highest spike ever in the country as the total number of cases crossed 1.45 lakh on Tuesday. Death toll in India has now touched 4,167.

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