If Hospitals, Doctors Can't Find Injections, How Could a Common Man? Asks Sonu Sood

19 May, 2021 09:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Sonu Sood, who has been actively helping people who are in need in the hour of corona crisis, has won the hearts of the common man. Sonu Sood is expanding his services and openly asking people to contact him directly for any medical needs. 

Recently, a man from Vizag tweeted to Sonu Sood that his wife's health was deteriorating and she was not getting the injection she needed. Although it was difficult to find the injection. Immediately, Sonu arranged the injection for the victim.

However, the number of such victims is increasing. Requests are pouring seeking help and Sony's timeline is flooded with call for help. In this context, Sonu asked the doctors a direct question about why doctors are recommending a specific injection that is not available anywhere. He asks if hospitals cannot get that medicine how could an ordinary man get it.

Sonu Sood Tweeted "One simple question: 

When everyone knows a particular injection is not available anywhere, why does every doctor recommend that injection only?

When the hospitals cannot get that medicine, then how will a common man get it?

"How come I can't use a substitute for that medicine and save a life?"

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