How Wearing Mask Can Cut COVID Risk

5 May, 2021 17:11 IST|Sakshi Post
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A group of researchers affiliated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States national public health organization, conducted a study over six months in the USA, said wearing surgical masks reduces the risk of death by 87 percent. Wearing double masks is a good choice to encounter the UK variant of Covid19.

As per the report, which was conducted over a six-month period in the United States, wearing a cloth mask lowered death rates by 82 percent. Medical masks have reduced infection by 78 percent, and by 69 percent when people wear fabric masks.

They also highlighted that wearing a mask should be immediately for their own sake. They made observations on the usage of double masks to protect against UK and Wuhan variants. They insisted on wearing double masks as one infected person can infect 1.6 people.

Dr. Srinivas Yadavalli, an internal medicine expert, said, while not everyone can afford surgical masks, they can use cloth masks to help stop the virus from spreading. "Mask is a critical component in the fight against the pandemic. We can keep the virus at bay with proper social distancing "

Dr. Kiran Madala, an Indian Council of Medical Research-certified researcher, stated, "In the second wave, most of the cases have become asymptomatic." No matter if the person has tested positive or negative for COVID, one has to wear a mask regularly to stop the virus.

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