Housewife Becomes Crorepati After Winning Lottery In Amritsar

27 Feb, 2021 13:11 IST|Sakshi Post

Amritsar: A housewife from Punjab had the grace of God by winning a whopping Rs 1 crore in a lottery. Renu Chauhan, a resident of Amritsar had bought the ticket for just Rs 100. The results of the winner of the lottery were announced on February 11, where Chauhan was declared the winner and she won the promised amount. On Thursday, she submitted the ticket and the necessary documents to the State Lotteries Department to claim her prize.

An official from the department told ANI, "Renu, the winner of D-12228, has submitted the documents today, and the prize money will be credited to the winner's account soon."

It's a dream for everyone to win the lottery and becoming a 'crorepati', but this woman from Amritsar actually became one. Renu Chauhan, a housewife, has won the first prize in a lottery worth Rs 1 crore from a ticket that cost her just Rs 100.

Chauhan very happily said that the blessing has come as a huge relief to her middle-class family.

"My husband runs a cloth shop in Amritsar and this bumper prize money will be a great help so that our family can lead a smooth life," she said.

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