Henley's Index of World's Powerful Passports, Check India's Position

16 Oct, 2021 13:29 IST|Sakshi Post

The Henley Passport Index, which ranks the world's most powerful passports, was just released. The number of countries that grant visa-free travel to holders of these passports determines the same. According to the index, Japan and Singapore are at the top of the list, while India is ranked 90th, down four places from the previous year.

India is at the 90th spot as it does not grant visa-free travel to many countries. Indian passport holders can only travel to 58 countries without a visa, whereas holders of Japanese and Singapore passports can visit 192 countries without a visa. Hence these two countries have topped the list.

South Korea and Germany are ranked second and third, respectively, and their citizens have access to 190 visa-free countries.

Afghanistan is at the bottom of the list, with only 26 countries allowing visa-free travel. Passports from Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Yemen are also not so powerful. The majority of the countries at the bottom are either in the midst of a civil war or are experiencing some form of conflict. 

It is to be noted that this index does not factor in the Covid restrictions. Any Covid related restrictions are not taken into consideration. Even after restrictions, Japan and Singapore’s passports remain powerful.

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