The Haunted Village Of Chikkobana Where The Bhovi Tribes Once Lived

10 Jan, 2021 17:55 IST|Sakshi Post
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People of an entire colony have vacated due to predictions about possible evil happening at a Bhovi extension at Chikkobana village in Chithradurga's  Monakalmur Taluk in Karnataka.

Now the people of that colony are roaming from place to place. The reason behind this is  people here  think that this whole village is haunted by ghosts!.

This Chikkobana village had more than 30 families with about a population of more than 200 people. About twenty years ago, these people had established their good life after breaking rocks at Siddayyna Kote and Hangal. But today it gives a deserted look after they left.

Most of the houses here are locked. Empty streets, broken huts, and houses, locked storied houses, and garbage scattered on either sides of roads is what one sees.

People have migrated to other places like Chikkaobanahalli, Hosur, Chithradurga, Shimogga, Gudekote of Kudligi taluk, Huliyaaru and other places to seek their fortunes.

There is only one house in the whole of the  colony in which the owner lives with about 27 people. He says that no one will move out of the house after  sun set. '' We have been staying here as there is no other way. There are more than twenty widows in this colony whose husbands have lost their life due to habitual drinking. Some of these widows get monthly pension from the government. Ghosts play havoc in this colony. Some tragedy or the other happens every year when Diwali festival approaches. One or two are sure to die every year. Otherwise, they lose their limbs in some kind of mishap. As a result people are leaving one after another for the past eight years'', says the house owner.

 " I have been living here right from the day I got married. I am now 65 years old. Just two years after my marriage my husband left this village and never returned. We do not know about his whereabouts at all " says Saakammajji who sits in a passage there.

They are living because of old age pension, ration from the society, and help from their relatives.

When this was brought to the notice of welfare society officers they said nothing of that kind had come to their notice.

Gram Panchayat member Kari Basappa says that these people should be provided with basic amenities.

 "We have to build a temple here which will reinforce their faith. Government has to give facilities so that all who left this village would come back and settle here.

A Swamiji of Bhovi Guru Peeta has opined that, "It is a big tragedy that people who lack education fall prey to such superstitions, increase their worries, and leave their native places. No achievement can be made if they vacate homes. Will discuss with the villagers and create awareness among people'. Bhovi tribes are the people who do not own properties of any kind, the Swamiji added.

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