Happy Friendship Day Quotes and Messages to Share With Your Loved Ones

7 Aug, 2022 09:46 IST|Sakshi Post

The first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day. The day is dedicated to friends. This year, Friendship Day is celebrated on August 7. In India, Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August but International Friendship Day is celebrated across the world on July 30.

The United Nations General Assembly recognised International Friendship Day in 2011. The main aim of coming up with Friendship Day is to promote goodwill between nations, people, cultures, and individuals as a means of bridging cultural divides and igniting peace initiatives. The resolution places a strong emphasis on the necessity of involving young people - future leaders - in community activities that celebrate diversity and advance intercultural understanding.

Those who can send gifts and can tie the Friendship bands to their friends can do that. But those who want to send a heartful message to their friends can give scroll down at the article. Here are some messages and quotes that one can send to their friend on the occasion of friendship day.

Friendship Day Messages, Quotes:

  • Doesn't matter if you meet them today or after a decade, the banter between friends never gets old.
  • You know every trick to make me smile and every magic to make my sadness disappear. Your kind of friend is so rare because you are the most precious gem in the world!
  • Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
  • Let us celebrate the beautiful friendship that we share to make it a perfect Friendship Day, the day that gives us another reason to spend more time together.
  • You have made me laugh during the moments when I felt I can’t even smile. Happy Friendship Day my friend!
  • Wishing you a happy friendship day, my dear friend. May God strengthen our bond and fill our lives with happy memories.
  • Happy friendship day 2022! I’ve always found you whenever I needed support, guidance, and someone to watch my back. Thanks for everything that you’ve ever done for me.
  • Dearest friend, I love you the most because you are always there to join me in the stupidest things in life…. Happy Friendship Day to you!
  • There is no distance in this world that can part our because we are strongly connected with our hearts and our friendship is eternal. On the occasion of Friendship Day, let us raise a toast to the best relationship of our lives. Love you dear!
  • Having a lucky gem like you has made me luckiest person on this earth. Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship Day Quotes:

  • The circle of friendship is a place of warmth and caring, where people come together for listening and sharing. A place of kindness and trust, a place of tears and laughter too. I'm glad to share that circle with a special friend like you. Beth Stuckwisch
  • Friendship like ours doesn't solve life challenges but because of our friendship, I know the challenges are not mine alone. C Sampson
  • There are times in our life when we realize how blessed we are from the friendships we have formed over the years, graduations and retirements often remind us of this. Kate Summers
  • There would be many things to follow, as our friendship has many things. And so much of them reminds me of the happiness our friendship brings. Julie Hebert, Things Of Remembrance
  • Friendship is the shadow of the evening, which strengthens with the setting sun of life. La Fontaine
  • Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our grief. Joseph Addison
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