Gujarat Man's Death From Replacing Adhesive For Condom Grabs International Headlines

27 Aug, 2021 14:21 IST|Sakshi Post

The death of a Gujarati man due to using epoxy adhesive instead of a condom grabbed the international media attention, where several news websites, including Forbes, New York Post, and Fox 13 covered the story for its bizarre content. Several sites suggested that it was a bad idea, while some suggested that this wasn’t a DIY craftwork in using strong epoxy adhesive as alternate protection from sex and sealing one's private parts.

Whatever the title was, the young man who was also a drug addict apparently died due to organ failure a day after the incident occurred.

Getting into the details the victim who was identified as Salman Mirza (25) a resident of Fatehwadi area in Ahmedabad checked into a hotel on June 22 along with his ex-fiancée accompanied by another woman. Both of them were addicted to drugs and had taken cocktail drugs before intercourse. As they forget to get condoms, they used the epoxy adhesive which they apparently used along with a whitener to inhale the mixture to get high.

In the hotel, they applied the adhesive on his private parts and sealed it. Mirza was later found lying unconscious in the shrubs on June 23 and was found by his acquaintance and brought him home. However, his condition deteriorated and he was taken to Sola Civil Hospital where he died.

According to Mirza’s family and his friends, they claimed that he had taken some drugs that had affected his health. It was also concluded that the adhesive might have worsened his health leading to complications including multiple organ failure.

After Mirza’s death, police filed a complaint of accidental death and began an investigation. Meanwhile, the police are waiting for the report on the deceased’s viscera sample that has been sent for the forensic examination which would reveal whether he died due to any medical complication, or due to drugs, or whether the adhesive was the cause of death.

The young man was the only earning member of his family which comprised his elderly parents and two sisters.

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