Guard Against Delta Plus Variant in Third Wave of Coronavirus

21 Jun, 2021 11:54 IST|Sakshi Post

Coronavirus experts warn about the third wave because the delta plus variant is spreading faster.

Covid 19 Update: Except for three states, the unlocking process has already begun in the rest of the country. Telangana's curfew has been completely lifted. And experts have recommended that people take care of themselves.

Pay attention to what the experts say when corona is severe. Once the storm has passed, it will be interesting to hear what the experts have to say about it then. Experts believe that Corona Third Wave is approaching, and are advising everyone to exercise extreme caution.

The problem is that we aren't sure what the coronavirus looks like yet. It is therefore impossible to predict what problems will arise in the future, even if one has been infected and cured.

Even those who have recovered are at risk of contracting the coronavirus again. In addition, the Delta Plus variant is rapidly spreading everywhere. It is said that this will pave the way for a third wave to arise. As a result, it is recommended that the best course of action is to remain vigilant.

The World Health Organization (WHO) hopes to have vaccinated 30% of the world's population against Corona by the end of this year, and 70% by the end of next year. They proposed that the nations of the world take steps in that direction.

In order to vaccinate 70% of the population, an estimated 1100 crore vaccine doses are required. Production will need to be increased if everything goes well. As a result, the WHO is working to exempt countries from vaccine patent rights all over the world.

Those who received Covaxin in India are experiencing difficulties in other countries. The World Health Organization has yet to add Covaxin to its list of approved vaccines. Many countries will not admit Indians who have got the Covaxin jab.

This appears to be a serious problem in the Gulf countries. The situation is similar in North America and Europe. Bharat Biotech, the company that makes Covaxin, claims to have licenses in 14 countries. The FDA in the United States has also rejected Covaxin.

The FDA has stated that if more information is provided, they will investigate and reconsider their decision. As a result, NRIs find it difficult to travel abroad.

In India, there are 58,419 new cases. A total of 2,98,81,965 cases were registered. A total of 1,576 people have died recently. The total number of people killed has risen to 3,86,713. The country's death rate is 1.3 percent. It is 2.17 percent worldwide. 87,619 people in India have recovered from corona recently.

A total of 2,87,66,009 recoveries were made. The recovery rate increased by 0.1 percent to 96.3 percent. In India, there are currently 7,29,243 active cases. Over the course of the year, 18,11,446 new tests were performed across the country. So far, India has conducted 39 crores 10 lakh 19 thousand 083 tests. 38,10,554 people were newly vaccinated. Vaccinations have been given to 27 crores 66 lakh 93 thousand 572 people so far.

In Telangana, there are 1,006 new cases. A total of 6,13,202 cases were recorded. Recently, 1,798 people were discharged. A total of 5,91,870 recoveries were made. The rate of recovery is 96.52 percent. In the state, eleven more people have recently died. The total number of people who succumbed has risen to 3,567. The mortality rate is 0.58 percent. There are 17,765 active cases in the state right now.

GHMC now has a total of 141 new cases. In Telangana, 87,854 new corona tests were performed. A total of 75 lakh 25 thousand 639 crore tests were performed.

In Andhra Pradesh, 5,646 new positive cases have been reported recently, despite the fact that 1,00,001 tests have been performed. A total of 18,50,563 cases were recorded. Recently, 50 people have died. The total number of people who succumbed to the infection has risen to 12,319. While 7,772 new cases have been registered. A total of 17,75,176 recoveries were made. Currently, there are 63,068 active cases. So far, in the state, there have been 2,11,50,847 tests.

Around the world, there are currently 2,89,502 new positive cases. There were 17.92 crores of cases filed. The total death toll now stands at 38.81 lakh, thanks to the addition of 5,788 new deaths. Currently, there are 1.15 crore active cases. There were 4,354 new cases and 86 deaths in the United States. There were 44,178 new cases reported in Brazil, with 957 deaths. Colombia, Russia, and Indonesia will be next on the list if more cases are reported on a daily basis in Brazil or India. Colombia, Russia, and Indonesia follow Brazil and India on the list of daily deaths.

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