Google Supports Work Authorisation For Spouses Of H1B Visa Holders

16 May, 2021 12:21 IST|Sakshi Post

  Google, the world's most powerful tech giant, has stated that it would facilitate the issuance of work visas to the spouses of qualified immigrant H1B visa holders who are visiting the United States from other countries.

Many business companies are supporting this now and  Google is the most recent addition to this chart. “Google is proud to support our nation’s immigrants. We joined 30 other companies to protect the H-4 EAD programme which spurs innovation, creates jobs and opportunities, and helps families,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted.

The H-4 EAD (Employment Authorization - Document) program is a good example of this. This would result in a rise in creativity and the production of new jobs. He clarified that job prospects would improve as a result of the initiative and that it would be extremely beneficial to their families.

Google filed an affidavit in a local court on behalf of 30 other companies. Katherine Lakhavera, vice president of the agency's legal department said, H1B is the desired system that allowed visa holders' family members to accompany them. It would help about 90,000 people

 H1B visa holders are allowed to remain in the United States with their spouse and children, according to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Adobe, Amazon, Apple, eBay, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, PayPal, and Twitter are among the companies that have expressed support for the H-4 EAD initiative. Under the slogan 'America First,' a series of sanctions were introduced during Donald Trump's presidency. The rules and regulations introduced by Trump after Jobaiden took office have reportedly been lifted.

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