Good News: COVID Cases Will Drop By June, Here's Why

29 Apr, 2021 16:14 IST|Sakshi Post

As of now the number of Covid19 cases in India is increasing at a rapid rate. The daily cases are crossing the 2 lakh mark. The situation does look like it is out of control.

The second wave of coronavirus has put the country in a panic state. Every day India reports a high number of positive cases with an increase in the death toll. People even critical conditions have to wait to get admitted as there are no beds in hospitals. Similarly, there is a shortage in oxygen cylinders and other Covid19 medical essentials.

But medical experts believe that the next three-four weeks will be crucial. But after that, the country can see relief. The number of cases will increase in the coming days, but it will start falling after some time. Looking at the situation, many people have become alert and are taking extra care, but you will need to continue that.

Director of Public Health (DPH) Dr G Srinivasa Rao said that we can help in bringing the cases down. Giving the example of Telangana state, he said that there are indications of cases dropping in the state and hopefully it will drop further. This is also possible in states like Maharashtra. The director shared that many are taking measures, but those who aren’t, need to do so. You should take precautions and consult a doctor upon feeling anything unusual.

If we talk about Telangana, reports are that things are going relatively fine, at least with the people. Everyone is following the night curfew rules, wearing masks and are maintaining social distance. People are ready to listen and follow the regulations. Also, there has been a decrease in the number of functions and events that are taking place in the city.

One thing that everyone must remember is that you must stay calm. Panicking is natural, but try to control. Rao shared that many go to test centres even when they are feeling perfectly healthy. They want to get tested just to be sure. But this is not necessary. In fact, doing this would end up leaving behind those, who actually show symptoms. Some are facing mild symptoms but due to the wait, they cannot go to the test centres.

Things will get better when you take precautions. The cases will go down if we follow this. There will be some good news, till the end of May.

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