First Covid Aid From US Arrives At Delhi Airport

30 Apr, 2021 16:04 IST|Sakshi Post

New Delhi: America sent the first 'Covid aid' to India. On Friday (April 30th) morning, a Super Galaxy Transport plane carrying over 400 oxygen cylinders, one million Rapid Coronavirus test kits, and other hospital supplies arrived at the Delhi airport.

"Covid19 Relief Shipment from the United States Arrived in India. Building over 70 Years of Co-operation," the US tweeted.

It is a testament to our two countries' friendship over the past 70 years. It also said unequivocally that India will be victorious in the war against Covid.

Next week, more flights will arrive from the United States as part of the 'Covid Aid'. Several countries, including the United States, have expressed their support for India during this trying period. According to Satoshi Suzuki, Japan's ambassador to India, the country is sending 300 oxygen generators and 300 ventilators. More assistance is on the way.

Ireland, as well as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh, are willing to assist. The Houston-based American Service International has raised $80 million to assist Covid in India. The help will come today or tomorrow to India, according to sources inside the organization. From Atlanta, the company said it would submit 2,184 oxygen concentrators.

During the Second Covid Wave, Romania, a small nation, also expressed its support for India. Their nation supplied 80 oxygen concentrators. The country has declared that more than 75 oxygen cylinders will be sent to India. 

On Friday (April 30th) morning, Prime Minister Modi is expected to hold an emergency meeting with the Union Cabinet to make important decisions.

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