FASTag, Fuel Rates And More: These Changes Will Come Into Effect From March 1

28 Feb, 2021 11:06 IST|Sakshi Post

Since March 1st all the Indian citizens should be ready for certain changes that are to occur. These changes are related to LPG prices, FASTag, Fuel prices and more. People with monthly salary or daily wages are sure to be affected by these changes.

The constant fluctuation in fuel prices especially the increase in petrol prices has made things difficult for the working class. A middle-class man is troubled and is waiting for a significant change.

These are the changes that will come into effect starting from March 1, 2021.

- Fuel Prices: Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said that the fuel prices will most likely decrease in the country. Indians are facing problems due to increase in fuel prices also as the petrol prices reached 100 per litre. But starting from March 1, there will be a change in the prices.

- LPG: Just like every month, even in march the first day will bring the update on the LPG prices. 1st March will be the time when the companies will share the details on the rates. The rate of the cooking gas will differ in each state.

- FASTag: The announcements regarding FASTags have been making rounds for a long time. The government made use of FASTag mandatory across all toll plazas on National Highways from Feb 15. From March 1, people will pay Rs.100 at toll plazas.

- ATM: The ATM machines of Indian Bank will not have Rs.2000 notes in the machines. Many people require and have need for a 500 denomination note. When they withdraw a Rs.2000 note from the ATM, the customers always come to the banks for change, so Indian Bank decided to completely do away with the 2000 rupee notes.

- SBI Bank: All the SBI customers will need to get their KYC linked in order to continue availing the services. This is to keep the accounts safe.

All these changes will come into effect starting from March 1, Monday.

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