Facebook Restores #ResignModi Posts After Uproar

29 Apr, 2021 16:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Social media posts demanding the Resignation of Prime Minister Modi were blocked by Facebook for several hours on Wednesday. The overall 12,000 posts had demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi resign from his post due to his irresponsibility over second wave COVID-19 in the country.

Several users who were searching the hashtag '#ResignModi' on social media were flashed with a notice saying that such posts had been 'temporarily hidden here' as some content in those posts went against the website's 'Community Standards.'

Responding to a tweet showing the hidden posts, Facebook’s Policy Communications Director Andy Stone said that Facebook had hidden the posts by mistake and was restoring them.

Netizens slammed the Centre for ordering Facebook to block the hashtags against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The centre immediately responded to the rumours and said that no such order was passed to Facebook or any social media to block the '#ResignModi' hashtag.   

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