Experts' View: How COVID 3rd Wave Will Affect Children

24 May, 2021 13:18 IST|Sakshi Post

There are varied opinions regarding the beginning of Covid19 third wave in India. While many experts believe that it will happen, some say that it might not. Nevertheless, the states started stocking up and making necessary arrangements for the same. As medical experts believe that the third wave if and when it happens, will affect children, most states are preparing accordingly.

AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria explained that the third wave might not affect children in a way that people are saying as the ace receptors which helps the infection to bind and spread in the human body, is less in children. They might not be as vulnerable as many are saying.

But that doesn’t mean they cannot get affected. Children are not immune to the virus. They can get infected as well. But fortunately, in most cases, the symptoms are not too severe. We should be careful as if the kids contract the virus, they can also spread it to others. It is best to avoid kids from becoming carriers as well.

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The government's scientific advisor K VijayRaghavan shared his thoughts on the third wave and said that we might not be able to avoid the wave. But depending on how the vaccination drive continues and the positivity rate in the country, maybe it is possible. But we must see a fall in the daily cases.

It was earlier reported that compared to last year, the percentage of kids testing positive has increased. If it was 11 per cent last year, this year it is between 20-40 per cent. Experts have pointed out that people are not taking much care now. Earlier people would take a bath, sanitize themselves and take all necessary precautions as soon as they come from work, before freely roaming in their house. But now these steps are not followed by many.

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