End Politics of Hate to Save Constitutional Edifice: Over 100 Ex-bureaucrats Letter to PM Modi

27 Apr, 2022 15:21 IST|Sakshi Post
File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In view of the recent communal clashes and violence in various parts of the country, over 100 former bureaucrats have written a three-page letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing their concern over “escalation of violence against the minority communities, particularly Muslims” across several BJP-ruled states. 

A group of 108 former bureaucrats, while requesting the Prime Minister to call for an end to the ‘politics of hate,’ stated the spiralling of violence poses threat to the constitutional edifice. They further wrote that the state governments appear to be fully complicit in the current state of affairs. 

The former bureaucrats said they were compelled to write to the PM as “the relentless pace at which the constitutional edifice created by our founding fathers is being destroyed compels us to speak out and express our anger and anguish.”

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Highlighting the issue of communal violence against minority communities, they wrote, “The escalation of hate violence against the minority communities, particularly Muslims, in the last few years and months across several states – Assam, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, all states in which the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in power, barring Delhi (where the union government controls the police) – has acquired a frightening new dimension.” 

In their letter to the PM, the former bureaucrats alleged that Muslims in the BJP-ruled states are more exposed to communal hatred, “The 'hate and malevolence' directed against Muslims seems to have embedded itself deep in the recesses of the structures, institutions and processes of governance in the states in which the BJP is in power. The administration of law, instead of being an instrument for maintaining peace and harmony, has become the means by which the minorities can be kept in a state of perpetual fear.”

Raising the issue of demolition of illegal houses in violence-hit Jahangirpuri area of Delhi, they wrote, “ even the orders of the highest court of the land appear to be treated with scant respect by the executive.” 

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