Despite Encryptions, Your WhatsApp Messages Can Still Be Shared

28 Feb, 2021 12:58 IST|Sakshi Post

WhatsApp and other social media apps are back in the controversy following an order released by the Government. The centre has issued new rules and guidelines for the social media apps and companies. These regulations apply to the online messaging apps as well.

Based on the new guidelines, the users are now anticipating a breach in the end-to-end encryption. The government has issued the rules based on which the private conversations could probably be shared with them.

As the government tries to fight increasing cyber crime, they are coming up with ideas and methods to solve these matters fast. Now according to the new guidelines, the government has asked for the social media companies to share the details on the origin of a message. Any message that spreads false rumors or harmful information could be tracked and traced back to the originator. This will require the apps to share the details of messages.

The centre has asked messaging apps to share the details on origin of a message if it is a serious matter. Anything that could be a potential risk and threat to safety of a person or the nation, then the apps will have to cooperate.

After the new regulations were issued, experts went into fits. Everyone had the same question. If the government is asking the online messaging apps to share the details on messages and its origin, it would mean that the privacy is breached. If we take WhatsApp for an example, the app that shares the origin of the message with the government means they are breaking the end-to-end encryption cause without that the details can’t be shared.

This was the opinion from the legal experts whereas the tech experts had a different thing to say. The tech experts are now claiming that to trace and share the origin of a message, an app need not break the encryption. It can be done without that as well.

According to the Tech experts, WhatsApp doesn’t have to break the encryption. The origin can be traced through the source code.

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