Delhi: Restriction On Pandals, Public Celebration For Ganesh Chaturthi

8 Sep, 2021 16:12 IST|Sakshi Post

Delhi: Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner and with that, there are many doubts on whether it will be safe to lead with public celebration or not. Last year, there was a restriction placed on the height of the Ganesh idol and also the pandals due to the outbreak of Covid19. But this time, many states have allowed the celebration.

Talking about the capital city, Delhi, this time there will be no public celebration. Like last year, public places will not be allowed to celebrate the festival due to the Covid19 pandemic. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) shared this information recently. This decision was taken to not risk the spread of coronavirus.

An order was issued yesterday on September 8 regarding the celebrations. In the order, the DDMA stated that the idols will not be allowed in Pandals or tents. The district magistrates and deputy commissioners of police will look into it. Also, citizens were requested not to go to public places or gather at religious sites.

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It also added that procession will not be allowed. People leaving in huge groups for immersion can lead to a risk of spread. To avoid this, permission for the procession was not given in Delhi. It depends on the state government and this is what the Delhi government decided.

On the other hand, Hyderabad has given full permission. Vinayaka Chavathi will be celebrated on September 10 and after a 9-day celebration, the immersion will take place. The Telangana government has granted permission for regular celebrations to take place. Also, there will be no restrictions placed on the height of the idol.

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