Delhi Police Raid at Twitter India Office: Tension Escalates

26 May, 2021 13:28 IST|Sakshi Post

On Monday, the Delhi police went to two Twitter offices in India, one in Delhi and another one in Gurgaon. This happened after the platform flagged one of BJP spokesperson’s tweet under manipulated media. It was a tweet by Sambit Patra, the spokesperson of BJP.

In his post, Patra shared that the opposition party is using a toolkit to hinder the centre’s efforts. While the ruling party tries to contribute to the fight against Covid19 in the country, the opposition is using a toolkit to create issues. The flagging was alleged as a conspiracy by the opposition Congress party.

After this incident took place, a team was formed and they set out searching the Twitter office. As the search continued, the Twitter office was vacated. This search was carried out by the special cell team which looks into terrorism matters. When asked to comment on the situation, the Twitter spokesperson refused to give any statement.

The Delhi police who are under the Union Home Ministry went to Twitter India’s office to get to the root of the problem. The BJP leaders whose tweets were flagged alleged it to doing of a Congress toolkit. The opposition reverted by saying that the toolkit was fake. The police shared that they will be issuing a notice to Twitter after hearing allegations by Congress’s social media department head, Rohan Gupta. There were allegations regarding a BJP toolkit as well.

Commenting on the matter, the Delhi police shared that Twitter has provided their clarification on why Patra’s tweet was marked as manipulative media. The officials believe that Twitter has some information that has not even been disclosed to the police. The special cell is investigating the matter and they will be needing all the information from Twitter.

Congress condemned this action and said that it was a violation of free speech and an attempt at suppressing dissenting voices. What they are doing is instilling fear, shared the opposition party.

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