Covid19 Relief: Oxygen Express Reaches Kalamboli, Mumbai

27 Apr, 2021 13:15 IST|Sakshi Post

Mumbai: The ‘Oxygen Express’ arrived at Mumbai station on Monday. The train was carrying three tanks full of liquid oxygen and took a berth at the Kalamboli railway station confirmed the CRPO Sumit Thakur.

The train travelled from Gujarat and covered a distance of about 860 kilometres to reach Navi Mumbai in 17 hours. The tankers were loaded with a total of 44 tonnes of liquid oxygen. The train left from Hapa, Gujarat on April 25 in the evening and reached Mumbai station on April 26th, morning.

Thakur confirmed that this is the first Oxygen Express run by the Western Railway. All the arrangements were made to ensure the smooth travel of this train. It is a time where we need to help others in every way we can, this Oxygen Express will help in faster movement of the Oxygen cylinders and liquid oxygen.

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All the precautions are taken including the safety of the trains. We need to look into many details like the speed of the train, how the oxygen will be loaded and other things to ensure full safety. As Maharashtra is reporting a high number of Covid cases and is under serious condition, the tankers needed to reach this state first. This was the second oxygen express to reach Mumbai.

What is Oxygen Express?

'Oxygen Express' is special trains that will run across India to supply medical oxygen. These trains will work for the next few days helping and supplying oxygen tanks to severely affected cities.

As the Covid cases rise, the hospitals are facing a difficult situation. They are running out of oxygen cylinders. The demand for oxygen tanks and cylinders is really high as of now. During the second wave, India is witnessing new positive cases every day. To help the hospitals, these trains will run throughout the country.

States like Maharashtra and Karnataka require medical oxygen as the cases are high here.

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