Covid19 Emergency: Kerala Doctors Risk Own Lives; Crosses River To Reach Village

26 May, 2021 17:01 IST|Sakshi Post
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Responding to an SOS call, a medical team from Puthur Domiciliary Care Centre (DCC) started travelling trying to cover a long distance in a short time to reach a village. The distance is 20 kilometre from Attapadi. Multiple tribes are residing there.

They received an emergency call regarding three members of a family who needed immediate medical attention as they were suffering from high fever. The team of doctors started their journey by driving but the vehicle could only travel till a certain point. The rest of the distance had to be on foot. After reaching the bank of the Bhavani Puzha river, they started crossing the river on foot.

The team was able to cross the river by Saturday morning after which they starting trekking to cross eight more kilometres to get outside the forest and reach the village. As soon as the health team reached the village, they started doing the tests. A total of 30 people were tested and out of them, 7 tested Covid positive.

Health inspector Dr. Sunil Vasu, Dr. Sunil Vasu, junior health inspector Dr. Shaij and driver Sajesh, were all praised for what they did. People applauded them for taking the risk in crossing such a distance and reaching the people’s aid. Even Kerala Health Minister Veena George appreciated them.

Talking about the cases in the state, the active number in Kerala as of now is 2,59,179. Vaccination is going on but at a slow pace.

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