COVID Vaccine: Where to Register, Documents Needed And More

28 Feb, 2021 14:49 IST|Sakshi Post

India is now gearing up for the phase two of their COVID19 Immunization program. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it the largest Vaccination programme in the world.  India has the responsibility to vaccinate 120 crore citizens.

The phase 1 of COVID19 vaccine plan started with inoculation of the frontline workers, medical experts and other officials. The focus was to vaccinate the frontline workers first, then move on to the elderly citizens.

As the plan moves to its second phase, it is now time for the vaccination for the elderly people. Under this, the citizens of age 60 and above will be vaccinated. Also those above 45 years with any medical condition will also be prioritized. For this the citizens will have to register on the app.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare confirmed this news and said that the citizens will have to register on the Co-WIN app. The government even made changes to the app and added new features to it. Now you will be able to enable GPS. You can either register on the app or at the session site as well.

A user will be able to choose his/her preferred centre and date. At least 4 persons can register through a single mobile phone.

Registration Procedure

-  Visit the Co-WIN website at or download the app from the App store.

- You can either enter your Mobile number or Aadhaar number (Choose preferred option).

- If you entered your mobile number, you will receive an OTP.

- Type the OTP and enter submit.

- Select your preferred date and time and schedule it.

- You can also choose from a list of centres. Choose accordingly.

- After the registration is done, you will receive a Reference ID.

The Reference ID after the vaccination is done will help you in receiving your Proof certificate.

Documents Needed  

- Any identification proof is fine. Either Aadhaar card or Voter ID or any other ID Card.

- People of age 60 and above can carry any of the above documents with them.

- Those aged 45 and above with medical conditions, who are allowed to get vaccinated, will need to carry a medical certificate as a proof.  

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