COVID Third Wave In India, Not Before October 2021

20 May, 2021 13:54 IST|Sakshi Post

The second wave of Covid-19 in India is forecast to decline in July of this year. In about six to eight months, a third wave of the pandemic is predicted. The three-member panel of scientists set up by the Department of Science and Technology under the Science Ministry of the Government of India has made these reasonably optimistic estimates.

Using the SUTRA (Susceptible, Undetected, Tested (positive), and Removed Approach) model, scientists projected that by the end of May, 1.5 lakh cases would be reported per day, and by the end of June, 20,000 cases would be reported per day.

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Third Wave:
A third wave is predicted in six to eight months, according to the model. The impact can be reduced compared to the second wave said, Professor Agarwal. "It will be localised, and many people will not be affected because they will have immunity due to vaccination." He also mentioned that the third wave would not arrive until at least October 2021.

Meanwhile, the government formed the National Covid-19 Supermodel Committee to make predictions about the spread of Covid-19 in India.
The commission, on the other hand, admitted that it was unable to forecast the existence of the country's second wave.

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