COVID Is Kattappa, Those Who Take Vaccine Shots Are Baahubali: PM Modi

19 Jul, 2021 15:18 IST|Sakshi Post

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday called 'Baahubali' to those who have taken the vaccine against COVID-19.

Speaking to media ahead of the beginning of the Monsoon Session of the Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that, "I hope you all have got at least one dose of the vaccine. The vaccine is given in 'bahu' (arms), those who take it become 'Bahubali'. So far more than 40 crore people have become Bahubali in the fight against coronavirus."

He said that "We want that the pandemic be discussed on priority and we get constructive suggestions from all MPs so that there comes a fresh approach in the fight against Covid and shortcomings be corrected so that everyone moves forward together in the fight."

He further added that "I would like to urge all the MPs and all the parties to ask the most difficult and sharpest questions in the Houses but should also allow the government to respond, in a disciplined environment. This will boost the democracy, strengthen people's trust and improve the pace of development."

He said that he would like give all the detailed information regarding the pandemic and want discussion inside the Parliament as well with the Floor Leaders outside the Parliament.

The number of vaccine doses administered under the nationwide vaccination drive reached 40,64,81,493 and India's also increased to 97.32 percent. According to the reports, a total of 2,60,12,352 unutilised vaccine doses are still available with states, union territories, and private hospitals

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