Covid Cases Going Down At A Slow Rate, Is The Third Wave Near?

17 Jul, 2021 11:10 IST|Sakshi Post

The cases are going down rather slowly in the country. Things were really difficult in April and May and it took some time to get it back to normal. After the fight with the second wave left the country with a shortage in medical supplies and shortage of vaccine doses added to the problems, it took some time to get the cases down.

Most of the states went for a lockdown while allowing only a few relaxation hours. With a little speeding up of the vaccine drive and lockdown in place, cases started to go down, but it is still not enough. There is no drastic change in the scenario. Cases are going down at a slow rate. Experts are saying that it might be a warning for the third wave.

It all now depends on the people of the country. Even without a lockdown, people should be able to manage and follow the Covid guidelines. They must get vaccinated and continue with the basic precautions to keep themselves safe. Only when we continue with Covid appropriate behavior, we can control the spread further.

As the risk for the third wave starting soon leans over our head, the medical experts are trying to warn everybody. You will have to be careful and follow all the Covid protocols as we do not know when the wave can start. If a mutant strain is spreading rapidly, then the third wave can be a serious one, but if there is no mutant variant of coronavirus, then the third wave can be a normal one, not too concerning.

Since the relaxations were lifted, many people are now traveling to tourist places. Even though vaccination is a must before you enter a city, it is still risky when a large number of people are traveling. Places especially Manali, Munnar, and other hill stations are now popular tourist destinations. These places have always been a top choice for many who want to escape hat, but this time the demand is higher than ever.

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