'India Is Now At 9th In Global COVID-19 List'

29 May, 2020 06:40 IST|Sakshi Post

NEW DELHI: India reported 6,926 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the total number of COVID-19 count crossed the 1.6 lakh mark. According to the Johns Hopkins Hospital website, India has surpassed Turkey in COVID-19 cases and now India stands at no.9 on global coronavirus chart. India has reported nearly double the number of cases in China. India overtakes China with as many as 4,711 deaths, compared to 4,638 by Thursday night. India has 1,61,067 COVID-19 cases and 70,900 people have been recovered from the infection. 

More than 80% of the active cases are present in the five states Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad are worst-hit cities with coronavirus infections. The number of coronavirus cases reported on Thursday in various parts of the country - Maharashtra (2,598), Delhi (1,024), Tamil Nadu (827), Gujarat (367), Bengal (344), Telangana (158), Andhra Pradesh (128), Haryana (123), Jammu & Kashmir (115), Kerala (84) and Assam (82). 

The first case of coronavirus reported in China last December and the deadly virus has infected more than 59 lakh people globally. It has spread virtually to all the parts of the world claiming the lives of more than 3.5 lakh people. The United States is the worst-hit country with COVID-19 and it has more than 17 lakhs cases.

The other countries with more number of coronavirus cases are  Brazil, Russia, UK, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. India is now at 9 place and Turkey is in 10th place. The number of deaths reported in the US is more than 1 lakh. UK, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, Germany, and Iran are in the top 10 countries which reported more fatalities. India stands at 13th place now after Canada and Netherlands at the 11th and 12th places, respectively.

The number of coronavirus cases increased in India after easing the restrictions in the country in the ongoing coronavirus lockdown 4.0.

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