Correction Fortnight for Rectification of Revenue Records in Madhya Pradesh

9 Nov, 2021 09:14 IST|Sakshi Post

Unique initiative in the field of revenue reforms on the initiative of CM Shri Chouhan

Corrections made in more than 33 lakh records in first 6 days of fortnight 

Bhopal: On the initiative of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Correction Fortnight is being observed on priority basis in the state from November 1 to 15 to remove errors in the revenue records. The objective of this campaign is to make rectifications in the records with utmost seriousness in the entire state simultaneously to remove the problems faced by the general public off and on due to the variations in the revenue records. So far 33 lakh 6 thousand 664 records have been corrected for various types of errors in the fortnight. Due to the errors in the records, the landowners were not getting the benefits of various schemes of the government.

Need for corrections: Revenue and Transport Minister Shri Govind Singh Rajput said that there was no uniformity in the revenue records due to the use of local words. Also, there was variation in the record with the popular name of the land owner being recorded in the record and his real name being recorded in the Aadhar card. Apart from this, the field employees also faced problems in cases of name transfer and property distribution. Even landholders were not able to take advantage of important schemes like getting loan from the bank, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Evam Fasal Bima.

Corrections being made at three levels: The Revenue Minister said that three-level classification of errors was done for the purpose of rectification of records. The errors identified at the state level include cleanup, khasra area correction – zero acreage, vacant land owner, active value and share, missing khasra, type of land and type of land owner and alpha numeric khasra correction. In the first six days of the fortnight, 32 lakh 31 thousand 909 errors have been removed. Apart from this, about 74 thousand 755 records have been rectified in district-level inaccuracies such as transfer of money, rectification of measles acreage and other map related cases and diversion data entry. Inaccuracies occurring at the third and last farmer level, correction in the name of the land owner and many other types of errors have been rectified in this fortnight.

Execution of corrections: During the fortnight, various types of errors in the revenue records are being corrected through the campaign. In this, work was started directly on the errors identified at the state level, the village-wise volume report is available on the land records, and a roadmap for their rectifications was prepared after identifying the errors at the district-level. Focus was given on the number of villages with the errors and their extent. Data related errors can be rectified directly but some errors will need to be rectified by filing cases according to law.


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