Corona Warrior Helps Mumbai Police with 3000 Immunity Boosters and Multivitamins

7 Jun, 2021 15:56 IST|Sakshi Post

Karan Singh Prince, along with his team and Power of Youth Foundation, through the Instagram handle 'thepower0fyouth' has been busy extending help to those in need by organising an endless supply of resources and donations. Not too long ago, he was in the news for arranging two jumbo oxygen cylinders for a family residing in the Philippine Embassy and a 46-litre oxygen cylinder for HK Hospital in Bangalore. He has been particularly attentive to the needs of front-line workers and police officers and has also been distributing meals throughout the country. Not to mention Board games and chess sets for doctors and COVID-19 patients to relieve their stress.

He believes in the power of individuals and communities to make a difference and says, “It is so inspiring to see how during these tough times of the pandemic, people from all across the nation have come together to support COVID-19 patients with oxygen, ventilators, beds, and even food and ration supplies. My NGO, ‘The Power of Youth’ too has been helping people across the country. In fact, when I first started relief work in Delhi, my number was circulated among support groups and now I synergise with many like-minded people to do what I can.”

The Mumbai Police too have expressed their gratitude to him - 

In his recent outreach endeavour, he expressed his gratitude to the Mumbai police for their hard work by making a very special gesture. Says he, “I met S Chaitanya, the Deputy Commissioner of Mumbai Police (Operations) and to show my appreciation for the hard work and sacrifices of his team, provided more than 3000 immunity boosters and multivitamins. I have been in touch with the force for a while now and always have my ear to the ground about what I can do to help.” His work has been appreciated by the Mumbai Police as well. 

Other notable work that Karan and his organisation have done in the recent past includes arranging hundreds of ventilator beds and more than 1700 oxygen cylinders along with facilitating vaccination for over 2500 people in Mumbai. He has also helped over 300 senior citizens to get their vaccination shots.

He says, “The work we do is just a drop in the ocean compared to front-line warriors who are putting their lives at risk to serve us and all I want to say is a heartfelt ‘thank you’ because their sacrifices don't always hit the headlines."

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