Congress Suspends AP Congress Worker For Frying Dead Quail to Protest Blocking of RaGa Twitter Account

24 Aug, 2021 11:43 IST|Sakshi Post

Recently Congress worker GV Sri Raj protested against the suspension of the Twitter handle of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. But the way it was done was criticized by others and the party ministers. He was punished for it and as a result, got suspended from the party.

A video was recently posted by Sri Raj, son of former Andhra Pradesh MP GV Harsha Kumar, where Raj and his friends can be seen frying a quail bird which they said represents the “Twitter Bird” in their logo. After frying it, they went to the post office to parcel it and send it to the Twitter head office in India. A video was shared which has now gone viral.

In the video, you can see Raj and his friends frying the quail bird. “We are frying the Twitter Bird”, they said. “You, Twitter bird, have done a mistake by blocking Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account.” We will fry this bird and send it to Delhi headquarters.

This kind of protest angered the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) and the public. Sri Raj received backlash for it. I did not receive any chance to explain my actions, instead, a suspension letter was sent to me from APCC on August 20. As per the suspension letter, Sri Raj tortured the bird in name of protest against Twitter, it is disrespectful to the party and Rahul Gandhi.

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Sri Raj later released a statement in which he wrote that “My recent protest against the biased and wrongful actions of suspending the Twitter account handle of Rahul Gandhi Ji was misconstrued by the party and I was wrongfully suspended from the party even though my actions did not mean any ill-will and were purely intended to bring to light the high-handed actions of Twitter that was merely acting as a puppet of BJP.”

He further added on the point of animal cruelty and said that “I have not breached any existing laws nor have I promoted any form of animal cruelty or violence through my protest. I have purchased a legally consumable quail bird from a local market and endorsed the same to be ‘Twitter Bird’ to draw the attention of the public and Twitter authorities about the unlawful act of spending the account of Rahul Gandhi Ji.”

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