Sonia Gandhi Takes Congress Digital Membership

16 Apr, 2022 11:30 IST|Sakshi Post

New Delhi: Through its national-level digital membership drive, Congress welcomed 2.6 crore new members into the party. The digital membership drive ended on Friday. Rahul Gandhi was the first Congress leader to be enrolled as a digital member and party chief Sonia Gandhi was the last person who enrolled for the digital membership. 

In a press release, AICC general secretary KC Venugopal said, the Congress managed to add 2.6 crore members across all booths in assembly segments through the digital membership drive.

“These are all verified members, enrolled into the party by a designated enroller using a proprietary mobile phone app called Congress Membership App,” the release said.

During the membership drive which began on November 01, 2021, a network of over 5 lakh party approved enrolling agents went door-to-door to enroll new members in the party fold across the country. 

“Ever since we started the drive, the key focus has been on the quality of membership, not just quantity. Every member is verified at three levels -- voter ID, photograph and phone number. The drive was strictly access controlled and only verified enrollers could use the membership app," said Praveen Chakravarty, Chairman, AICC data analytics department.

In a departure from the previous years, the Congress decided to implement the digital membership drive in addition to the standard [a[er membership  process. The digital membership is for five year from 2022-2027, the party added. 

Venugopal said, 2.6 crore new members are all verified members and a designated enroller using a proprietary mobile phone app called Congress Membership App enrolled these members. “Every digital member after verification gets a digital ID card that is QR coded for authenticity,” he added.

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