Chennai Techie Says Chandrayaan 2 Rover Intact On Moon's Surface

2 Aug, 2020 07:22 IST|Sakshi Post

Chennai based techie Shanmuga Subramanian who helped spot the debris of the Vikram lander in December 2019 has made another discovery. He spent months examining the surface of the moon image by image in search of the debris. Subramaniam took to his Twitter and tweeted that, "Chandrayaan2's Pragyan "ROVER" intact on the surface of the Moon and rolled out a few metres from the skeleton Vikram lander whose payloads had been disintegrated due to the rough landing." He further added that, "Rover has rolled out from lander & has actually travelled few metres from the surface." Here is the tweet.

Shanmuga Subramanian decided to work on a project to support society. He along with with an Ayush doctor is conducting a clinical study to evaluate Neem leaves as a dietary supplement.

In an interview with a news channel, Shanmuga said that "We found out that people recovered easily using Neem as a dietary supplement, but there were no takers, so I was frustrated so started working on the rover to distract myself."

Shanmuga used the ISIS3 USGS program of NASA to monitor the movements of the Pragyan Rover of Chandrayaan-2. He shared his findings with NASA and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Almost 10 months after the hard landing of Vikram, the lander on the Chandrayaan-2 mission, contact with the rover (Pragyan) was believed to have been lost. The current movement reported by Subramanian gives hope that some of the instructions provided by ISRO to the rover may have yielded results. He added, "At the moment, I'm waiting for ISRO or NASA to respond to my mail and the information I have found."

It was on September 6 last year that Chandrayaan-2 Moon Orbiter attempted a soft landing near the south pole of the Moon. NASA tried to communicate with Vikram for several days after the rough landing.

Speaking with TOI, ISRO chairman K Sivan said that, "We’ve heard nothing from NASA so far on the matter. But yes, the person who had identified Vikram debris earlier has sent us an email about this. Our specialists are looking into the matter and we cannot say anything at this juncture."

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