Centenarians From Hyderabad, Bengaluru Defeat Covid-19

13 May, 2021 12:09 IST|Sakshi Post

A 110-year-old man recovered from Covid-19 in Hyderabad. Doctors said that he is probably one of the oldest patients in the country to recover from the dreadful virus. Ramananda Teertha was admitted to the government-run Gandhi Hospital on April 24 with mild Covid symptoms and low saturation levels.

Gandhi Hospital superintendent Raja Rao said that Teertha has now recovered from Covid and his saturation levels have also improved to 97. But, doctors said that he will remain under observation at the hospital's general ward for a few more days.

They said the centenarian had a miraculous recovery because he did not have any comorbidities. Teertha has no family and lives alone at an ashram in Keesara near Hyderabad. He met with an accident a few years ago and was admitted to the Gandhi Hospital and from then Anupama is looking after Ramananda by giving food and shelter.

Raja Rao said that a 90-year-old woman, Pentamma from Musheerabad, had also recovered from Coronavirus. She was admitted to Gandhi Hospital on May 7 and was discharged on Wednesday after she got negative in her test.

Another centenarian, H S Doreswamy was cured of the infection. A few days ago, the 104-year-old freedom fighter was admitted to a hospital in Bengaluru as he had contracted the virus. Doreswamy said that he recovered quickly as he did not panic. Instead, he read books during the isolation period to get rid of stress.

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